Milan by night


Milan is a very old city and my city.

Me and Veronica went to a beautiful event on Terrazza Aperol and I couldn’t resist to take some pictures in our favourtite spot.

The Galleria del Corso is stunning, the lights were perfect and the mood made me travel through time imagining a Milan of horses, of shows in the famous theatre La Scala, just at the end of the Galleria, stunning dresses and interesting people.

And than the Duomo, magnificient in all its beauty. A real masterpiece of architecture and the colors were perfect.

So enjoy this pictures, hope to let you travel as well.




Total look Ralph Lauren




Horses are one of my favourite animals ever…

I love shooting them…I can see their souls, their personalities coming through the lens…

They’re powerful, elegant and somebody would say stupid, so big with such small brain, but I don’t care, everything that they do is so perfect.

We had the chance to go in this beautiful riding stables thanks to our friend Marco, a very good teacher and we really couldn’t help ourselves to have a ride and enjoy them.

Elena is a good horsewoman, so she dares to ride the horse without the saddle and let me shoot her in this cute Ralph Lauren dress.

And of course I really could not resist to transform this pictures in rustic and old ones.

So enjoy our amazing trip…I also tried to ride!!And it was wonderful!!





Smoking Fucsia


We got a pool, we got an amazing fucsia trench and stunning Ralph Lauren shoes…Elena dark hair…it was just screaming me SHOOT ME!

So I did! It was one of my dreams to have this scenery and this colors…really difficult because it was a very dark day, clouds were covering the sky heavily.

But nothing ever bothers me when I have something in my mind.

This is a story of a bored high class young women, she doesn’t know what to do, she just ran away from a party and she’s exploring her dark sides, enjoying a killer sigarette and playing with it.

I know smoking kills, so this is just a story, a dark fairy tail.

Enjoy and let me know what this pictures make you imagine!






What to say…just give me a night surrounding, a beautiful friend, amazing clothes from Ralph Lauren and the game is on.

The fun is all for me, playing with lights, with the contrasts of the so daily look, with Milan in the background. It could be in the middle of the desert, like in the big apple and this outfit would have rocked it either way.

The navajo theme is still big popular, we can play as indians with glamourous heels and be absolute fab!

I love shooting with darkness and hope Veronica will let me do it again!

Tonight I have another party, hope to be able to do some other pics to post on the blog!

For now, ENJOY!!!




Total look Ralph Lauren



A rooftop, a friend beautiful like a model…the darkness was coming and we weren’t afraid to take it with us.

It was one of those days, where I could shoot without feeling the time running, the pain on my fingers used to snap so much and my arm hurting for the weight of the camera brought all around the area.

I was feeling nothing at all, just so focus on capturing the beauty…

That’s my mission I want all the girls/women to see how much they’re beautiful, because sometimes we don’t quite believe of what we see in the mirror. I remember of myself being so judgemental and than looking at pictures of that period and couldn’t remember why I didn’t like me.

The amazing thing is that we are beautiful in so many different ways, but we can’t be that for everybody. Beauty is so subjective and no matter how hard we try, we really can’t like to everybody, we need to like to ourselves and than puff… we are GODDESSES.

Because people see what we want them to see of us, ALWAYS TO KEEP IN MIND.

After this shower of words!

Enjoy this pics!

I hope you’ll like them!




London with friends


Autumn is not coming in Milan, it’s already October and maybe today it seems to be on its way!

Not complaining! Especially if I remember the time spent in London with my wonderful friends, where it was SUPER cold and rainy! But I would really come back to bad weather and amazing company if I could!

Here are some pictures I took with Elena and Ivory (fabulous make-up artist) in Covent Garden while it was showering as impossible outside! Don’t mentioning how much we were wet! But happy!!!

So forgive our crazy hair! And enjoy!





Elena’s outfit

Alexander McQueen scarf

Primark shoes and sweater

American Apparel leggings

White Lace my LOVE!


Have you ever had one of those days when you feel down?

When your head is hurting of all the pressure you endured and you feel like your energy was sucked up?

That’s one of this days for me.

I feel like I need to believe that rainbow will come again.

That if you did whatever you could and it didn’t work out, it doesn’t matter, you have just to try harder.

I always believed that everybody has its own future in its hands and it’s our must to do whatever we could to succeed. We have to do it for ourself, or it wouldn’t be fair.

We have to stay true with ourselves and keep trying, keep working harder and we’ll see the results…

So today I just NEED this amazing white images I took with Veronica, during Milan Fashion Week, while we were attending C’N’C fashion show.

I hope you’ll enjoy and it could bring a little bit of serenity also to yourselves.




Swaychic dress,

Giuseppe Zanotti wedges,

 Arafeel clutch,

vintage sunglasses,

 Fossil watch and necklace,

studded bracelet,

Arafeel grey jacket



Girls and shopping…what does it make you think?

Boys will say crazyness and nonesense I’m sure!!

But for us is just FUN EXCITMENT and JOY!!


Of course because of the clothes!

New fabrics, colors, shapes, trying on and out, see what it’s best with what.

It’s a game that we love to play, more and more. And with friends, one is ok, two is enough, three is too much.

We need to focus, to see what’s best on us and explore, mix and match!

This is what me and Veronica did some week-ends ago in amazing FRAV shop!

One of really my favourite in Milan, you can find really good designers such as Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, but also new ones like my favourite Horace.

They make us choose what we like and shooting it!


and enjoy!




Boy hat

Gienchi shoes

Cheap Monday pants

5 Preview sweater

Portobello Road


London has always been in my heart and it will always do…

I think is one of the most amazing city in the world…

I lived there for too short period of time and I really need to come back as soon as I can.

I met incredible people over there, that I’m always so happy to see again, that make me laugh and enjoy life so much.

I feel completely myself in this exciting city, where nobody judges you for who you are, for your style or for your personality.

Here some of the pics we took in Portobello Road!

Love the market on saturday!





Vintage Cashmere Jumper

Topshop shorts

Burberry trench coat

Pop Art Inspiration


Milan Fashion Week is started and I’m having a lot of fun with my dear friend Veronica, from givemefashionblog!

People run up and down the city, the traffic is insane and the outfit are incredible!

Today you see some shoots I took of her first look for fashion week! Check the other pics here

We went to two fashion shows and than we just had a lot of fun playing in Duomo square shooting this outfit.

The t-shirt is inspired by Pop Art, it seems this is a trend that is about to start and take possession of our wardrobe.

And why not?

It’s fun, colorful and cool.

Enjoy this pictures!

Tomorrow I’m departing for London, with my friend Elena, so be ready to a lot of looks next week!

Have a nice week-end!







H&M t-shirt

Pinko Skirt