White Lace my LOVE!


Have you ever had one of those days when you feel down?

When your head is hurting of all the pressure you endured and you feel like your energy was sucked up?

That’s one of this days for me.

I feel like I need to believe that rainbow will come again.

That if you did whatever you could and it didn’t work out, it doesn’t matter, you have just to try harder.

I always believed that everybody has its own future in its hands and it’s our must to do whatever we could to succeed. We have to do it for ourself, or it wouldn’t be fair.

We have to stay true with ourselves and keep trying, keep working harder and we’ll see the results…

So today I just NEED this amazing white images I took with Veronica, during Milan Fashion Week, while we were attending C’N’C fashion show.

I hope you’ll enjoy and it could bring a little bit of serenity also to yourselves.




Swaychic dress,

Giuseppe Zanotti wedges,

 Arafeel clutch,

vintage sunglasses,

 Fossil watch and necklace,

studded bracelet,

Arafeel grey jacket


Sometimes is complicated!


Credi che sia un gioco la vita, pensi di essere invincibile con un idea :
tu puoi fare tutto , ah freschezza e ricca gioventu’ !!!
L’Energia è un bene preziosissimo.
Questo è un racconto astratto di una vita frenetica in citta’, bici, corsa, ufficio, spesa, lavanderia, ritiro
di un referto medico dimenticato chissà in quale cassetto della memoria.

Corri di qua e corri di la’ …
Per fortuna c’e la mia nuovissima city bike b cool
.. Siate veloci  sempre nei movimenti ma lente nelle riflessioni ;)!

Life? I think it’s A game, you feel unbeatable you think that you can do everything.
Ah  rich salad days ….
Love it!
Body Energy it’s my weapon in life.
This pics are some frames of a frenetic life. Office, shopping, work, phone, email, txt messagges, bank, laundry …. It’s a mess !
I should run in right & left directions …
Luckily I have  my new bcool city bike!

Hei girls be fast in your movements but more placid in your choose.
Xoxo Tiz





Dolce&Gabbana dress

Shoes espadrillas Salvatore Ferragamo

Bamboogie bag Ysl