The secret yard


One of my favourite spot in London is the yard behind the house of parliament.
I think it’s so relaxing and peaceful, you can go there to recharge your batteries after a difficult day, or just to seat on a bench a just look at the river, while having the union jack waving and the leaves falling.
To me just pure magic, one of the many that London gifts you…I missed so much this city…
This is why today I choose to post some other pictures I took with Elena in our days back at the end of September.
The trench is one of the fashion symbol of England, mixed to the Parliament, the beautiful yard and the trees, I hope to give you the idea of what we were feeling in that moment, pure freedom and breathing the beauty of the place.






London with friends


Autumn is not coming in Milan, it’s already October and maybe today it seems to be on its way!

Not complaining! Especially if I remember the time spent in London with my wonderful friends, where it was SUPER cold and rainy! But I would really come back to bad weather and amazing company if I could!

Here are some pictures I took with Elena and Ivory (fabulous make-up artist) in Covent Garden while it was showering as impossible outside! Don’t mentioning how much we were wet! But happy!!!

So forgive our crazy hair! And enjoy!





Elena’s outfit

Alexander McQueen scarf

Primark shoes and sweater

American Apparel leggings

Portobello Road


London has always been in my heart and it will always do…

I think is one of the most amazing city in the world…

I lived there for too short period of time and I really need to come back as soon as I can.

I met incredible people over there, that I’m always so happy to see again, that make me laugh and enjoy life so much.

I feel completely myself in this exciting city, where nobody judges you for who you are, for your style or for your personality.

Here some of the pics we took in Portobello Road!

Love the market on saturday!





Vintage Cashmere Jumper

Topshop shorts

Burberry trench coat