A rooftop, a friend beautiful like a model…the darkness was coming and we weren’t afraid to take it with us.

It was one of those days, where I could shoot without feeling the time running, the pain on my fingers used to snap so much and my arm hurting for the weight of the camera brought all around the area.

I was feeling nothing at all, just so focus on capturing the beauty…

That’s my mission I want all the girls/women to see how much they’re beautiful, because sometimes we don’t quite believe of what we see in the mirror. I remember of myself being so judgemental and than looking at pictures of that period and couldn’t remember why I didn’t like me.

The amazing thing is that we are beautiful in so many different ways, but we can’t be that for everybody. Beauty is so subjective and no matter how hard we try, we really can’t like to everybody, we need to like to ourselves and than puff… we are GODDESSES.

Because people see what we want them to see of us, ALWAYS TO KEEP IN MIND.

After this shower of words!

Enjoy this pics!

I hope you’ll like them!





White Lace my LOVE!


Have you ever had one of those days when you feel down?

When your head is hurting of all the pressure you endured and you feel like your energy was sucked up?

That’s one of this days for me.

I feel like I need to believe that rainbow will come again.

That if you did whatever you could and it didn’t work out, it doesn’t matter, you have just to try harder.

I always believed that everybody has its own future in its hands and it’s our must to do whatever we could to succeed. We have to do it for ourself, or it wouldn’t be fair.

We have to stay true with ourselves and keep trying, keep working harder and we’ll see the results…

So today I just NEED this amazing white images I took with Veronica, during Milan Fashion Week, while we were attending C’N’C fashion show.

I hope you’ll enjoy and it could bring a little bit of serenity also to yourselves.




Swaychic dress,

Giuseppe Zanotti wedges,

 Arafeel clutch,

vintage sunglasses,

 Fossil watch and necklace,

studded bracelet,

Arafeel grey jacket

Portobello Road


London has always been in my heart and it will always do…

I think is one of the most amazing city in the world…

I lived there for too short period of time and I really need to come back as soon as I can.

I met incredible people over there, that I’m always so happy to see again, that make me laugh and enjoy life so much.

I feel completely myself in this exciting city, where nobody judges you for who you are, for your style or for your personality.

Here some of the pics we took in Portobello Road!

Love the market on saturday!





Vintage Cashmere Jumper

Topshop shorts

Burberry trench coat

Pop Art Inspiration


Milan Fashion Week is started and I’m having a lot of fun with my dear friend Veronica, from givemefashionblog!

People run up and down the city, the traffic is insane and the outfit are incredible!

Today you see some shoots I took of her first look for fashion week! Check the other pics here

We went to two fashion shows and than we just had a lot of fun playing in Duomo square shooting this outfit.

The t-shirt is inspired by Pop Art, it seems this is a trend that is about to start and take possession of our wardrobe.

And why not?

It’s fun, colorful and cool.

Enjoy this pictures!

Tomorrow I’m departing for London, with my friend Elena, so be ready to a lot of looks next week!

Have a nice week-end!







H&M t-shirt

Pinko Skirt

Playing with Frav style


Here we are!

May I introduce you

She’s Veronica, one of my really best friend since high school, better not to say how many years!!

We have so much fun together playing with photography and trying to do our best and what we have in mind!

I think our is like an experiment lab!!

Where we try try try and than!We get it!

Now I’m so excited because last night in Milan there was VFNO and we had the chance to shoot with an amazing super professional flash and soon you’ll see what it came out!

Now here some of the best pictures we take for FRAV shop in Milan, one of my absolute favourite place to be amazed.

Hope you’ll enjoy!





PETAR PETROV Leather burbundy shirt




Stripes and Graffiti


A full day of sun, summer in Milan has been so hot!

Too much, that we really needed this amazing mirror sunglasses, already a trend of course…

Silvia is a wonderful team mate of mine, she is half italian and half columbian, so you can see her beautiful strong colors, that makes her such a unique beauty.

Graffiti are a great part of our city. A place where everybody is nobody, so the need of express yourself is stronger and necessary. Art is everywhere, colors, painted walls, signatures, that’s what it is and I think perfect for shootings.

Hope you like this live pictures!


And have a nice week-end!



T-shirt Bershka

Skirt River Island

Shoes Converse

Let’s go to the seaside


Perchè non staccare ogni tanto la spina?

Perchè non godersi il profumo del mare, la sabbia tra le dita ed il sole caldo?

Ogni tanto è davvero necessario, tuffarsi nel mare blu e sentirne tutta la sua freschezza…mangiare focaccia calda…godersi il tramonto…indossare shorts tutto il giorno e soprattutto niente tacchi!

Fuggire da Milano è sempre piacevole e poi quando ci si torna e il calore della città ti sovrasta, pensare a quei momenti di nuotate, in cui mettevo la testa sott’acqua trattenendo il respiro…non posso fare altro che regalare un secondo di sollievo…

Queste sono le foto che ho scattato alla mia amica Elena mentre eravamo lì…Alcune delle tante!

Spero vi piaceranno!!


Why not running away sometimes?

Why not enjoying the fragrance of the sea, the sand between the fingers and the warm sun?

Sometimes it is really necessary to dive in the blue sea and feeling all the freshness…eating hot focaccia…admiring the sunset…wearing shorts all day and not heels especially!

Running away from Milan is always nice and than when you have to come back to the hotness of the city it overwhelms you, thinking about those swims, when your head was under water and you were holding your breath…It just is a gift, a relief for a second to this city…

Those are some pictures I took to a friend of mine: sweet Elena…some of the many we did!

I hope you’ll like them!!

Enjoy your week-end!





Knit : Vintage

Beachswit: H&M

Life as a model


Ecco qui Sissi, una nostra cara amica ed anche una favolosa top model…

E’ apparsa su Vogue, MarieClaire, giusto per fare qualche esempio, ed ha lavorato a varie campagne pubblicitarie e direi che si può dire, che non si ferma mai…

Solo per noi in queste foto fatte in casa, possiamo ammirarla, super alta, una grande amica, sempre modesta, sempre carina, sempre presente.

Sta per partire per uno shooting di una meravigliosa campagna, non vedo l’ora di vedere le foto!!

E speriamo di vederla di più anche qui!!



Here we are, she’s Sissi, a great friend of us and also an amazing top model…

She appeared in Vogue, MarieClaire, just for an example, she did some advertising campaign and she never stops…

Just for us in this homemade pictures we can admire her, super tall, great friend, always modest, always nice, always present.

She’s just about to leave for some amazing shootings for a campaign! That I can’t wait to see!

And let’s hope to see her more also here!!








Shoes : Paloma Barcelò