A rooftop, a friend beautiful like a model…the darkness was coming and we weren’t afraid to take it with us.

It was one of those days, where I could shoot without feeling the time running, the pain on my fingers used to snap so much and my arm hurting for the weight of the camera brought all around the area.

I was feeling nothing at all, just so focus on capturing the beauty…

That’s my mission I want all the girls/women to see how much they’re beautiful, because sometimes we don’t quite believe of what we see in the mirror. I remember of myself being so judgemental and than looking at pictures of that period and couldn’t remember why I didn’t like me.

The amazing thing is that we are beautiful in so many different ways, but we can’t be that for everybody. Beauty is so subjective and no matter how hard we try, we really can’t like to everybody, we need to like to ourselves and than puff… we are GODDESSES.

Because people see what we want them to see of us, ALWAYS TO KEEP IN MIND.

After this shower of words!

Enjoy this pics!

I hope you’ll like them!





The Terrace


What’s better than a beautiful sunset, a beautiful terrace and a beautiful view??

Of course a cheerleader friend who offers to shoot with you!

Camilla is on the All Star Milano Cheerleaders, amazing team, where I also used to be!

That day the sunset last until 21.30, full summer and after a fast shower over the city gave to the sky a touch of pink!

It’s always nice to shoot such a great friend and a great model too, Camilla is fun, sexy and ready to dare!

We always have a lot of fun and I hope to shoot her soon! A natural blonde is always wanted!






The view from Camilla’s terrace