Girls and shopping…what does it make you think?

Boys will say crazyness and nonesense I’m sure!!

But for us is just FUN EXCITMENT and JOY!!


Of course because of the clothes!

New fabrics, colors, shapes, trying on and out, see what it’s best with what.

It’s a game that we love to play, more and more. And with friends, one is ok, two is enough, three is too much.

We need to focus, to see what’s best on us and explore, mix and match!

This is what me and Veronica did some week-ends ago in amazing FRAV shop!

One of really my favourite in Milan, you can find really good designers such as Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, but also new ones like my favourite Horace.

They make us choose what we like and shooting it!


and enjoy!




Boy hat

Gienchi shoes

Cheap Monday pants

5 Preview sweater


Portobello Road


London has always been in my heart and it will always do…

I think is one of the most amazing city in the world…

I lived there for too short period of time and I really need to come back as soon as I can.

I met incredible people over there, that I’m always so happy to see again, that make me laugh and enjoy life so much.

I feel completely myself in this exciting city, where nobody judges you for who you are, for your style or for your personality.

Here some of the pics we took in Portobello Road!

Love the market on saturday!





Vintage Cashmere Jumper

Topshop shorts

Burberry trench coat

Pop Art Inspiration


Milan Fashion Week is started and I’m having a lot of fun with my dear friend Veronica, from givemefashionblog!

People run up and down the city, the traffic is insane and the outfit are incredible!

Today you see some shoots I took of her first look for fashion week! Check the other pics here

We went to two fashion shows and than we just had a lot of fun playing in Duomo square shooting this outfit.

The t-shirt is inspired by Pop Art, it seems this is a trend that is about to start and take possession of our wardrobe.

And why not?

It’s fun, colorful and cool.

Enjoy this pictures!

Tomorrow I’m departing for London, with my friend Elena, so be ready to a lot of looks next week!

Have a nice week-end!







H&M t-shirt

Pinko Skirt

Summer is ending


I know summer is ending…I know the sun is not as hot as few weeks ago…but I still dream the beach, the fresh hit of a wave and the sand so warm and reassuring.

 To me summer is vital, the sea let me help to let go all my tensions, my worries and the contact with nature is so strong and liberating.

If I could I would definetely live at seaside, like LOS ANGELES! Nothing less please…

My problem is that I also need the city a lot! The chaos. the shops, the people, the subway!

I’m black & white!

Chaos and relax!

City and beach!

I hope you’ll enjoy this pictures that I LOVE SO MUCH!

It was sunset and we had the splash of the waves helping us making all the atmosphere dreamy!

Let’s dream the beach together!



Image ImageImageImage

A night with Skin and Irene


What do you usually do on friday night?

Cinema? Dinner with friends? A cocktail?

Last friday I went to the Mercedes Benz party where we had the luck to listen the performance of Skin, amazing singer with such a great voice and also a great Dj.

There were also my friends, old and new, included Irene a fantastic fashion stylist and very great friend of mine.

She accepted to do some pics for me and I hope she would do it again!

She was a top baby model! As you can see by her so beautiful green eyes and pretty face!

I love taking pictures during parties, because I like the colourful lights to play with!

Enjoy this pics!

Have a nice sunday!




 Shoes Paloma Barcelò

Jeans H&M

Shirt Jil Sander

Necklace from Turkey

Bag Vintage

Bales and Veils


The summer is ending, but I couldn’t resist to give you this shots of Silvia, during July.

It was a really hot day and the sun was very high, not good for photography, but we kind of handled it.

There was with me, my fantastic friend Lucia, doing the make up, she also helped me with Alba. You can catch her at the end of this post.

Silvia really enjoyed this outfit, young as her and of course with those legs she was perfect!

Hope you like this light pictures, time spent just to have fun!





Shoes Converse All Star

Skirt H&M

Socks Calzedonia

Tank Bershka



Alba and the horses


I love horses…I didn’t know it before shooting them…

I think they have such a great personality…through their eyes you can understand what they feel.

Here a wonderful white horse with my fav red Alba. They instantly got along as you can see.

Must to say, Alba is a country girl and she really felt comfortable in this scenery.

I don’t know if I could be so brave so quickly. He’s a giant animal! And I’m really a city girl…but with them is so easy to relax.

I have to say I was so excited when we were in this farm that when the owner told me that they have a bull…well…can you imagine a shooting with a red hair beautiful girl…black dress and a black bull??

But unfortunatly it wasn’t black and Alba told me I’m crazy if I would ever shoot her with a bull!!! Maybe…but for the LOVE of fashion!!!

Enjoy this pics and hope to shoot with horses soon!




Forever21 Shirt

Vintage denim shorts

YSL sandals

Playing with Frav style


Here we are!

May I introduce you

She’s Veronica, one of my really best friend since high school, better not to say how many years!!

We have so much fun together playing with photography and trying to do our best and what we have in mind!

I think our is like an experiment lab!!

Where we try try try and than!We get it!

Now I’m so excited because last night in Milan there was VFNO and we had the chance to shoot with an amazing super professional flash and soon you’ll see what it came out!

Now here some of the best pictures we take for FRAV shop in Milan, one of my absolute favourite place to be amazed.

Hope you’ll enjoy!





PETAR PETROV Leather burbundy shirt




The Terrace


What’s better than a beautiful sunset, a beautiful terrace and a beautiful view??

Of course a cheerleader friend who offers to shoot with you!

Camilla is on the All Star Milano Cheerleaders, amazing team, where I also used to be!

That day the sunset last until 21.30, full summer and after a fast shower over the city gave to the sky a touch of pink!

It’s always nice to shoot such a great friend and a great model too, Camilla is fun, sexy and ready to dare!

We always have a lot of fun and I hope to shoot her soon! A natural blonde is always wanted!






The view from Camilla’s terrace

Stripes and Graffiti


A full day of sun, summer in Milan has been so hot!

Too much, that we really needed this amazing mirror sunglasses, already a trend of course…

Silvia is a wonderful team mate of mine, she is half italian and half columbian, so you can see her beautiful strong colors, that makes her such a unique beauty.

Graffiti are a great part of our city. A place where everybody is nobody, so the need of express yourself is stronger and necessary. Art is everywhere, colors, painted walls, signatures, that’s what it is and I think perfect for shootings.

Hope you like this live pictures!


And have a nice week-end!



T-shirt Bershka

Skirt River Island

Shoes Converse