Milan by night


Milan is a very old city and my city.

Me and Veronica went to a beautiful event on Terrazza Aperol and I couldn’t resist to take some pictures in our favourtite spot.

The Galleria del Corso is stunning, the lights were perfect and the mood made me travel through time imagining a Milan of horses, of shows in the famous theatre La Scala, just at the end of the Galleria, stunning dresses and interesting people.

And than the Duomo, magnificient in all its beauty. A real masterpiece of architecture and the colors were perfect.

So enjoy this pictures, hope to let you travel as well.




Total look Ralph Lauren




A rooftop, a friend beautiful like a model…the darkness was coming and we weren’t afraid to take it with us.

It was one of those days, where I could shoot without feeling the time running, the pain on my fingers used to snap so much and my arm hurting for the weight of the camera brought all around the area.

I was feeling nothing at all, just so focus on capturing the beauty…

That’s my mission I want all the girls/women to see how much they’re beautiful, because sometimes we don’t quite believe of what we see in the mirror. I remember of myself being so judgemental and than looking at pictures of that period and couldn’t remember why I didn’t like me.

The amazing thing is that we are beautiful in so many different ways, but we can’t be that for everybody. Beauty is so subjective and no matter how hard we try, we really can’t like to everybody, we need to like to ourselves and than puff… we are GODDESSES.

Because people see what we want them to see of us, ALWAYS TO KEEP IN MIND.

After this shower of words!

Enjoy this pics!

I hope you’ll like them!




London with friends


Autumn is not coming in Milan, it’s already October and maybe today it seems to be on its way!

Not complaining! Especially if I remember the time spent in London with my wonderful friends, where it was SUPER cold and rainy! But I would really come back to bad weather and amazing company if I could!

Here are some pictures I took with Elena and Ivory (fabulous make-up artist) in Covent Garden while it was showering as impossible outside! Don’t mentioning how much we were wet! But happy!!!

So forgive our crazy hair! And enjoy!





Elena’s outfit

Alexander McQueen scarf

Primark shoes and sweater

American Apparel leggings

White Lace my LOVE!


Have you ever had one of those days when you feel down?

When your head is hurting of all the pressure you endured and you feel like your energy was sucked up?

That’s one of this days for me.

I feel like I need to believe that rainbow will come again.

That if you did whatever you could and it didn’t work out, it doesn’t matter, you have just to try harder.

I always believed that everybody has its own future in its hands and it’s our must to do whatever we could to succeed. We have to do it for ourself, or it wouldn’t be fair.

We have to stay true with ourselves and keep trying, keep working harder and we’ll see the results…

So today I just NEED this amazing white images I took with Veronica, during Milan Fashion Week, while we were attending C’N’C fashion show.

I hope you’ll enjoy and it could bring a little bit of serenity also to yourselves.




Swaychic dress,

Giuseppe Zanotti wedges,

 Arafeel clutch,

vintage sunglasses,

 Fossil watch and necklace,

studded bracelet,

Arafeel grey jacket

Summer is ending


I know summer is ending…I know the sun is not as hot as few weeks ago…but I still dream the beach, the fresh hit of a wave and the sand so warm and reassuring.

 To me summer is vital, the sea let me help to let go all my tensions, my worries and the contact with nature is so strong and liberating.

If I could I would definetely live at seaside, like LOS ANGELES! Nothing less please…

My problem is that I also need the city a lot! The chaos. the shops, the people, the subway!

I’m black & white!

Chaos and relax!

City and beach!

I hope you’ll enjoy this pictures that I LOVE SO MUCH!

It was sunset and we had the splash of the waves helping us making all the atmosphere dreamy!

Let’s dream the beach together!



Image ImageImageImage

Bales and Veils


The summer is ending, but I couldn’t resist to give you this shots of Silvia, during July.

It was a really hot day and the sun was very high, not good for photography, but we kind of handled it.

There was with me, my fantastic friend Lucia, doing the make up, she also helped me with Alba. You can catch her at the end of this post.

Silvia really enjoyed this outfit, young as her and of course with those legs she was perfect!

Hope you like this light pictures, time spent just to have fun!





Shoes Converse All Star

Skirt H&M

Socks Calzedonia

Tank Bershka



Alba and the horses


I love horses…I didn’t know it before shooting them…

I think they have such a great personality…through their eyes you can understand what they feel.

Here a wonderful white horse with my fav red Alba. They instantly got along as you can see.

Must to say, Alba is a country girl and she really felt comfortable in this scenery.

I don’t know if I could be so brave so quickly. He’s a giant animal! And I’m really a city girl…but with them is so easy to relax.

I have to say I was so excited when we were in this farm that when the owner told me that they have a bull…well…can you imagine a shooting with a red hair beautiful girl…black dress and a black bull??

But unfortunatly it wasn’t black and Alba told me I’m crazy if I would ever shoot her with a bull!!! Maybe…but for the LOVE of fashion!!!

Enjoy this pics and hope to shoot with horses soon!




Forever21 Shirt

Vintage denim shorts

YSL sandals

The Terrace


What’s better than a beautiful sunset, a beautiful terrace and a beautiful view??

Of course a cheerleader friend who offers to shoot with you!

Camilla is on the All Star Milano Cheerleaders, amazing team, where I also used to be!

That day the sunset last until 21.30, full summer and after a fast shower over the city gave to the sky a touch of pink!

It’s always nice to shoot such a great friend and a great model too, Camilla is fun, sexy and ready to dare!

We always have a lot of fun and I hope to shoot her soon! A natural blonde is always wanted!






The view from Camilla’s terrace

Let’s go to the seaside


Perchè non staccare ogni tanto la spina?

Perchè non godersi il profumo del mare, la sabbia tra le dita ed il sole caldo?

Ogni tanto è davvero necessario, tuffarsi nel mare blu e sentirne tutta la sua freschezza…mangiare focaccia calda…godersi il tramonto…indossare shorts tutto il giorno e soprattutto niente tacchi!

Fuggire da Milano è sempre piacevole e poi quando ci si torna e il calore della città ti sovrasta, pensare a quei momenti di nuotate, in cui mettevo la testa sott’acqua trattenendo il respiro…non posso fare altro che regalare un secondo di sollievo…

Queste sono le foto che ho scattato alla mia amica Elena mentre eravamo lì…Alcune delle tante!

Spero vi piaceranno!!


Why not running away sometimes?

Why not enjoying the fragrance of the sea, the sand between the fingers and the warm sun?

Sometimes it is really necessary to dive in the blue sea and feeling all the freshness…eating hot focaccia…admiring the sunset…wearing shorts all day and not heels especially!

Running away from Milan is always nice and than when you have to come back to the hotness of the city it overwhelms you, thinking about those swims, when your head was under water and you were holding your breath…It just is a gift, a relief for a second to this city…

Those are some pictures I took to a friend of mine: sweet Elena…some of the many we did!

I hope you’ll like them!!

Enjoy your week-end!





Knit : Vintage

Beachswit: H&M

Here my Berlin


La mia prima  volta a Berlino BBB Bread&Butter sono qui per Paloma Barcelo’ marchio Spagnolo per cui io e marica stiamo lavorando.
L’atmosfera e esattamente come la raccontano.
Le sensazioni che provo sono un mix di avvetura e senso di responsabilita’ eccitazione e la scoperta di un territorio ancora sconosciuto.
Non e male berlino ma la prossima volta dovro ritornarci per Viverla davvero come va vissuta.
Viaggio da Berlino con sosta a Bonne in direzione Londra…

Aufwiedersehen 🙂


My first time in Berlin BBB bread&Batter Fair, I’m here for Paloma Barcelo’ a fashion brand which me and Marica are working for.
The atmosphere is definitely as people told …as : avanguard=beer=street=music=extremefashion=art.
I feel a mix of sensations as a power of a new experience and also a sense of responsability for this Brand . I like Berlin, not bad, next time I want to come back and live more the city.
From Berlin through Bonne, Cologne direction London.

Aufwiedersehen 🙂
See you guy!