Alba and the horses


I love horses…I didn’t know it before shooting them…

I think they have such a great personality…through their eyes you can understand what they feel.

Here a wonderful white horse with my fav red Alba. They instantly got along as you can see.

Must to say, Alba is a country girl and she really felt comfortable in this scenery.

I don’t know if I could be so brave so quickly. He’s a giant animal! And I’m really a city girl…but with them is so easy to relax.

I have to say I was so excited when we were in this farm that when the owner told me that they have a bull…well…can you imagine a shooting with a red hair beautiful girl…black dress and a black bull??

But unfortunatly it wasn’t black and Alba told me I’m crazy if I would ever shoot her with a bull!!! Maybe…but for the LOVE of fashion!!!

Enjoy this pics and hope to shoot with horses soon!




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